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Our featured Engineering sectors

Find fun activities, job descriptions, case studies, games and more in each zone to inspire young people to become engineers.

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Explore the future of air travel to see how hydrogen fuel, vertical take off technology, drones and plane design is making the industry greener, more sustainable and better for everyone.

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Vertical Farming

Explore the future of food production to see how crops can be grown anywhere using technology that reduces farming’s impact on the environment and resources.

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Explore the future of space technology to see how satellites are developing our understanding of the universe and making a difference to green projects here at home too.

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Explore the future of car travel to see how new fuels, Artificial Intelligence, smart technology and new designs are changing the cars we drive and how we travel.

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In each zone in the City you'll find....

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Fun facts

Test your knowledge about space, cars, planes....

Job descriptions

Job Descriptions

Find out which jobs you could do in the future

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Games to play

Play our Skills Miner Minecraft games and other fun learning games too

Enspire City and Online Safety

providing a safe environment to explore careers in Engineering

Our Enspire City product has been designed with online safety in mind:

  • Students can explore the site without sharing any personal or identifying information
  • Students do not communicate with each other within the site reducing the risk of cyberbullying
  • Links to external sites and videos have been reviewed by our team for safeguarding issues
  • We do track cookies within the site, but this is exclusively to monitor performance and make improvements to the site
  • We provide advice on this site about keeping students safe
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Check out our Skills Miner games

Developed for gameplay in Minecraft our award winning games will introduce students to problem solving activities & engineering careers in a technology that they love.

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Minecraft 5


Learn about coding, green fuels and aerodynamics in our Aerospace games series

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Minecraft 4

Home Energy

Adapt a home to be more energy efficient and choose how to spend your time and budget

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Minecraft 3

Vertical Farming

Learn about how plants grow, new technologies in farming and how resources are used and maintained

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