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Engineering skills are at the forefront of the solutions that make our world more sustainable and build our best future. Our Enspire resource offer ways to promote these skills and activities to students that will encourage them to enter STEM and engineering careers.

Driverless car - enspire city

Our Enspire products are designed to show young people the opportunities available to them in STEM, Engineering & Manufacturing careers.

Explore Enspire City our free to use interactive world

You'll discover the engineering in everything around you and see how engineers are creating a greener, more sustainable world for us.  As you interact with the characters and objects throughout the city you'll unlock a whole new world of possibilities.

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Engineering sectors

Enspire vertical farm billboard and bike
Enspire vertical farm fish
Driverless car - enspire city
Hydrogen fuel - aero - enspire city
Mars rover - space - enspire city
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Featuring exciting Engineering sectors

Find fun activities, job descriptions, case studies, games and much more in each zone. You'll also find resources for facilitators to introduce Engineering roles to young people.

Visit zones of our City for cars, food production, planes, space & Engineering pathway routes.

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Play our Skills Miner games

Minecraft 5


Learn about the materials used to make an aeroplane, how coding makes it work and about future facing aircraft design.

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Minecraft 3

Vertical Farming

Learn how vertical farms are solving resource issues as you fix your farm and grow your crops

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Minecraft 6

Home Energy

Can you adapt your house to be the most energy efficient?

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Award winning games students love

Minecraft is the most played game in the world. We're using it to inspire the next generation of greener engineers

"gaming is the way of learning in the future because the world is evolving so much and so fast around technology"



Skills Miner Home Energy
Constructing an Aeroplane Skills Miner Image
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Driverless car - enspire city
Enspire vertical farm fish
Minecraft 7

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